​                                   Welcome to Passion for Pollinators!

​Every form of life has a special purpose. Each of us can contribute to a balanced and healthy ecosystem. We are all a part of nature. Find your own connection and I promise you will not be sorry. Enjoy Nature's lessons in living color.  Unaltered, truthful images captured at the moment.  Nature so full of beauty and wonder, please join me there.  Images of Nature are works of living, fine art.

Through the years of observing different species of Pollinators and other insects in my private gardens, I have learned many valuable lessons.  My photography has allowed me the privilege of sharing those lessons with people around the world. The subjects of my works may be small in size; however, they are essential in our ecosystem. Pollinators are responsible for approximately one out of every three bites of food we consume.  Harming them through the use of chemically based  pesticides is not a winning situation for either party.  A wiser choice would be to use environmentally friendly sources in fortifying our gardens.  Replenish and plant nectar-rich, native plants and host plants that enhance both ecosystems.

​Pollinators and other insects directly contribute to healthy ecosystems across the world and even in my hometown of Lee's Summit, MO. However, their contributions may only continue if they are provided with a safe ecosystem.  Each of us can make a huge impact on the quality of our ecosystem by making choices that are safer for the environment. 

​Enjoy the beauty and grace of the Pollinators; the delicate rhythmic beat of a hummingbird's wings, or the enchanting flutter of the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly.  Please join me on my mission to raise awareness to the importance of providing for their survival.  In the end, it will help enrich our own lives.

​Lisa Britz is a life-long Lee's Summit resident. Her images have been shown around the world in an effort to educate and raise public awareness to the importance of Pollinators and other insects and their direct impact on human ecosystems and environments.